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Apply for short and medium term loans and get an offer in minutes.

  • Flexible loans 500€ to 4000€ (for PL: 1500 - 10000 ZL)
  • Repayments 6 to 24 months
  • Super-fast fund availability

About us

We believe banking needs to get less complicated, more flexible, offer more choice and make customers’ lives easier. That is why we created an alternative to the conservative banking model. Giving you a bunch of options to get you in the money, anytime, all in one place – with Monedo.

2 000 000

customers scored

Millions of customers trust us. With up to 20.000 data points per loan application, we make sure we calculate the best offer for our customers - because we look at the whole picture, not just the credit history.



Our digital banking products are available in five countries from Russia to Mexico. Apply online any time. And if you have any questions, we are just one email or phone call away.



We offer financial products and services for the 21st century: Short- to long-term consumer loans, eWallet, physical and virtual prepaid cards, and personal finance management.

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